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James L. LeatherJames Leather has practiced as a Phoenix family law attorney  since 1977. He received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University in 1972, and after two years of service in the United States Army, attended the University of Arizona Law School. After receiving his law degree in 1977, Mr. Leather worked for one year in Arizona and California handling farmworker/grower labor disputes before labor relations boards.

Mr. Leather then joined a small private law practice handling civil matters, criminal matters, bankruptcy matters and family court matters. Mr. Leather was the primary trial attorney during his career for the firm. Court appearances include not only jury and non jury trials before all the courts in the State of Arizona, as well as arguments before Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Mr. Leather has also served as a vice-chairperson of the fee arbitration committee of the State Bar of Arizona, in which capacity he has arbitrated numerous fee disputes between client’s and their attorneys.

Approximately ten years ago Mr. Leather’s practice began to emphasize family law, and today is 90% family law.

His experience over the past thirty plus years is “all” Arizona. He has practiced in court rooms throughout the State of Arizona and has been involved in thousands of cases. He can offer the client not only the service needed by that client but also the experience and knowledge required to handle that client’s needs. Mr. Leather is also a regular monthly participant in the Maricopa County Family Law Assistance Program, counseling low income individuals in need of assistance and document review.


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We want to make the decision of choosing a family law attorney easier for you.

Arizona Family law issues can create one of the most emotional and stressful times in a persons life. Child custody issues, child support issues, division of assets accumulated during the marriage, spousal maintenance issues – all create an atmosphere of uncertainty and in many cases, panic. Increased emotions during this time of a person’s life can create stress like no other.

Effective, practical and affordable services are vital to a successful and positive conclusion to this time in a person’s life. The Leather Law Firm provides same both in the office and in the courtroom. This philosophy and service applies to the contested, uncontested or complex case.

Each case in Arizona family court is different. An experienced attorney and paralegal are assigned to each case. Professionals, including therapists, counselors, real estate appraisers, business appraisers, vocational experts, and personal property appraisers are used when needed. Settlement is attempted on an ongoing basis with each case, but, when all attempts to settle are unsuccessful, then aggressive effective courtroom services are provided.

Don’t let the fear of legal costs deter you from protecting your rights.

We offer affordable rates that are highly competitive against other law firms. We can even discuss financial payment plans that fit your budget if you call us today & mention our website!

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